preemie bird's first christmas

christmas eve

with mommy, happy as can be on christmas eve.

look at how big she is!

(ok, so this was really taken about 2 weeks ago... but it's christmas-y, and she's wearing the same outfit.)

this was wren's first christmas... and it was loads of fun. we were snowed in at our house, so we didn't make it to the grandparent's in time for
santa... but i don't think our little 6 month old will mind. haha!  she got lots of cute stuff- some of which i'll be reviewing on here before too long.. once i get it all cleaned up.
there were the normal fears yesterday (when all the extended family was in town) of crowds. i'm getting more and more leery of taking her out, and of people holding her. i'm not sure why it's just hitting me... most preemie parents i know are really neurotic about this.. for me, i've always had the opinion that i would lose my mind staying inside all the time. being that the other half of this parental unit has been out of town for a month, and will be gone for 2 more months shortly, we've had to figure out some way to buy laundry detergent, and still keep our little bird safe from germs. i've drastically cut back on where we go, and try to only go at "off" times. i still get REALLY nervous taking her shopping.. touching things that about a million people have touched before me! ugh. if i make it past these first 2 years without developing OCD or agoraphobia i'll be doing pretty good.

our white christmas!! (wren was unavailable for this picture, being that she was snuggly warm in her carrier.)

dang that's one cute little girl!

this evening she grabbed the toy on her bouncy seat and pulled it down to start up the music! i was like "whoa, who pulled her toy". i looked over, and sure enough, she was still holding it, and grinning! she pulled that one, and the other one i've added on, for the next 30 minutes or so... extremely pleased with herself the whole time! haha... she's too stinkin' cute... and i'm so happy to see her doing these new things!

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Brian, Stephanie and Colby said...

She's so cute! I'm glad you guys had a good first Christmas with her.