well.. as i've posted, wren got put on albuterol. after just a few days of giving her the treatments it became clear that that was not. an. option.

the first day it wasn't that bad.. that i noticed. but she didn't nap as she should have. the next day i made the mistake of giving a treatment at 930 at night. she was up until 330am!!! needless to say that was not a good night for momma. (especially since she's been sleeping thought the night for a month or so now.) the next day i realized that she wasn't really napping at all...and i called the pulmonologist. they have an alternative, though it's more expensive, and often denied by insurance companies if you haven't been on albutoerol for at least 3 months unsuccessfully, or with unacceptable side effects. it's called xopenex. (thanks thebump.com preemie mommies for the recommendation!) the treatment today, we only had one, went really well, and she didn't seem to have any problems at all! yay... even went to sleep just a few minutes later.
i'll keep you posted... it seems like this will be a good alternative. i believe our insurance will cover it. i suppose we'll see what good ole tricare can do for us.

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