another preemie

what she says-------> i couldn't have put it better.

those parents are just thinking all the same things we thought. what did we do? what can we do? how is our life going to change? what is going to happen?

being a parent who can't just go around popping kids out whenever i feel like it, (or when the bc fails), i have mixed feelings about all of this. of course, i probably have mixed feelings about you too. (do you have kids? did you almost die trying to have them? have you lost more than 2? i suppose there could be a "jealousy checklist"... with varying answers ranking you differently on "charla's jealousy meter".) but, despite the fact that "we're so blessed" has become trite, kids are a blessing. really and truly. now, i just want my allotted reasonable amount.. maybe 3 or 4... but if i had to have beaucoups or none- you'd have to give me the "quiverfull".

so, whatever your thoughts on the alternative "public school classroom" sized family.. you have to try and understand what these people are going to be going through. take a moment... and try.

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Trish said...

aww, thanks for the shout out.
I like your jealousy checklist. It could be like the credit bureaus were the exact formula is a secret, but WE know what the scores means. ;)